“It’s time for new leadership at the Port. We need a strong voice for the environment and family wage jobs, and we deserve transparency in the management of one of our most important economic assets.”


About Ryan

Ryan Calkins is a business owner, nonprofit professional and lifelong Democrat active in progressive politics. For over ten years, Ryan ran an import company, working directly with shipping operations at the Port. He now works for Ventures, a nonprofit that supports low-income entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses. Prior to being in business, Ryan worked in Latin America for human rights and disaster relief nonprofits. Ryan and his wife Lindsay, an attorney, live in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood with their three children, the oldest enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. Ryan was born and raised in Edmonds.

Family wage jobs and the Port of Seattle

Day One: Launching

Small Business and Family Wage Jobs

Strong Voice for the Enviornment



King County Young Democrats

5th District Democrats

32nd District Democrats

33rd District Democrats

34th District Democrats

36th District Democrats

37th District Democrats

41st District Democrats

43rd District Democrats

45th District Democrats

46th District Democrats

SEIU Local 6

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

Marko Liias, State Senator (D-21)

Brady Walkinshaw, Former State Legislator (D-43)

Mia Gregerson, State Legislator (D-33)

Drew Hansen, State Legislator (D-23)

Jan Drago, Former King County and Seattle City Council Member

Molly Moon Neitzl, Civic Leader

Gabriel Scheer, Founder of Greendrinks

Estevan Muñoz-Howard, Fair Elections Advocate

Zach Silk, President, Civic Action

Edie Gilliss, Civic Leader

Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor of Mukilteo

Michael Beneke, Forterra*

Dan Shih, Civil Rights Advocate

Beto Yarce, Nonprofit Leader

M. Christopher Boyer, Lynnwood City Councilmember

A full list of endorsements can be found here


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